August 8th, 2022

Fixing Some Links, Adding Some Content

There were a bunch of broken links here that I am fixing up now. That’s mostly because I was storing content offsite and those servers don’t exist anymore, or the pointers to them have changed and I don’t want to bother with it. I can store all the content for this website here now.

So far I have the Advocate pages back, and I have more of those to come. Also I’ve got our literary journal, Inquiry, scanned and I will put those pages up soon. The photo galleries are something I’m working on, and I hope to have all that back up and spiffy by month’s end.

In the meantime, our official 50th reunion Facebook page is Here. If you haven’t already please sign up. See you there!

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August 2nd, 2022

Class Of ’72 Reunion Happening In September!

The class of ’72 is having its 50th reunion this September. Details Here (You will need a Facebook account to access this).

So I’m paying attention to this website again, and hopefully for the foreseeable future, because the social media corporations shouldn’t have 100 percent of our lives and memories.

Stay tuned…


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July 14th, 2018


My Apologies for not maintaining this blog more seriously. As Facebook has pretty much taken over the Woodward alumni conversation, and as we Still haven’t organized another Class of ’72 reunion since the last one, I pretty much let this space grow dormant. Then it’s older version of WordPress became incompatible with the host server software it runs on and I procrastinated even more in getting that resolved.

This is something I intend to correct going forward, even if very few of my classmates hit this site now, because letting Facebook, or any other corporate social media monopolize our…well…Socializing, is a Bad Thing.

Because with Facebook socializing comes the social manipulation by commercial and political interests. And…because this is a space where I can celebrate on my own terms (and hopefully yours if you’re a Woodward classmate!) some of the best years of my life. Not that I don’t have a very good life now, but during those Woodward years I made friends, learned in the classrooms of some of the best teachers a kid could have, and grew in ways that were positive influences for all the decades that came since. My host, Winters Web Works (who I Highly recommend!) has updated WordPress for me, and everything is working now, but for a few photos that aren’t displaying I need to fix. And I just now noticed the photo galleries I posted before are gone now, because Apple rusty-railed, which is where I was storing them to save space here. I’ll fix that soon.

Also (sigh) put up links to the Facebook alumni pages. Because resistance is futile.

I’m going to keep this place as a celebration, and a testament to those Woodward years. If you feel the same way, come visit from time to time!

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November 20th, 2007

Mailbox Problem Fixed

The reunion committee mailbox was experiencing a problem taking delivery of incoming mail and regrettably we only noticed that this morning (we tended as the date approached, to ‘cc each other a lot on specific tasks, like arranging the venue, getting the catering done, putting together the reunion DVD, thereby bypassing the committee mailbox). The good news is that it looks like anything that was sent to us in the past 28 hours was still waiting in the queue and has now been delivered. The bad news is that anything older then that has probably been lost now. So if you sent the committee anything and you didn’t get a response or you got a bounce-back please resend.

Sorry again…and thanks!

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Reunion Committee Mail Box Problem

Sorry folks, but our mailbox has been having some problems recently.  If you’ve sent the committee email and didn’t get a reply (or you got a bounce message) please resend to and I’ll see to it that your mail is forwarded on to the rest of the committee.

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August 22nd, 2007

Welcome To Our Place On The Web

Hey there, to all my fellow classmates…Welcome aboard!

This little corner of the World Wide Web is just for us.  A place to meet and chat and hopefully in the near future, organize our 35 year class reunion. At the moment your website administrator (me) is still busy nailing a few planks together here…so if the look of this site still seems a tad…unfinished…there’s a reason for that.  But hopefully, as time goes on, the place will get a bit more polished.

In the meantime, your comments are more then welcome. This site is meant to be a community venture…a place for all of us to sit back, relax, and reconnect with our friends and classmates.

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