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-Morton Marcus

November 21st, 2007


Just so you know, the folks at the Garrett Park Town Hall are recommending that we park at the elementary school down Oxford Street, about a block past the Town Hall. So when turning onto Kenilworth Avenue from Strathmore, you would pass the Town Hall and continue down Kenilworth past the left hand turn onto Oxford Street to the right hand turn onto Oxford Street a little further on (if that’s a tad confusing, see the Google map in the post below), and turn right there. Go down Oxford a little way and there will be a parking lot on the right.

It may seem a bit of a walk back to the Town Hall from there, but it looks like there is a footpath into the Holy Cross Academy parking lot from the elementary school parking lot, and from there I’ve heard there is another footpath to take you to the Town Hall. Since Holy Cross is private property, obviously we cannot recommend parking there instead. There will probably be some street parking in the neighborhood around the Town Hall, but it will likely be scarce, and not nearly enough for all the people we expect will be coming. So if you do decide to park on the street, please be courteous to the neighborhood residents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood, here’s a tip: go to the Google map I’ve posted below and select the ‘Hybrid’ view from the buttons at the top right hand corner. In the upper left corner of the map there are arrow buttons for scrolling up, down, left and right, and two buttons marked ‘+’ and ‘-‘. Click on the plus button two or three times to zoom in and you will get a good view of the layout of the area around the town hall, and where the parking is. You can also scroll the map by click dragging with your mouse cursor.

Note please, that Google Maps has the specific location of the town hall wrong: it’s not near the corner of Oxford Street and Kenilworth…it’s much closer to Kenilworth and Strathmore.

See you all there!

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