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you can
your shape

let the
the planets

to be

-Morton Marcus

August 22nd, 2007

Welcome To Our Place On The Web

Hey there, to all my fellow classmates…Welcome aboard!

This little corner of the World Wide Web is just for us.  A place to meet and chat and hopefully in the near future, organize our 35 year class reunion. At the moment your website administrator (me) is still busy nailing a few planks together here…so if the look of this site still seems a tad…unfinished…there’s a reason for that.  But hopefully, as time goes on, the place will get a bit more polished.

In the meantime, your comments are more then welcome. This site is meant to be a community venture…a place for all of us to sit back, relax, and reconnect with our friends and classmates.

2 Responses to “Welcome To Our Place On The Web”

  1. Gabrielle White Lee Says:

    This is funny–I’ve moved about 13 times, and now have resettled in MoCo! My brother (who works in NYC) FW’d the email to me via Ned B. I’m trying to figure out how they know each other!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this reunion. I wasn’t ready for the last one. Too bad my Alzeihmer’s is kicking in already, but I still have my yearbook (I’ll have to get it back from my daughter, who thinks it’s the hoots)!

  2. Barbara Bowling Says:

    Whoa. Thanks so much for the blast from the past. . .especially you, Bruce Garrett. . .how wonderful are all those photographs? And. . I have to say. . I feel like I must have gone to a different high school. It’s so GREAT to see all those folks looking like they’re having so much fun. (!) Where was I? And how young were Mr. Oches and Mr Moran? Mr. Moran is largely responsible for my return to art, after 25 years elsewhere. What a refuge his class was. . .

    Sorry I’ll miss the reunion. . .it’s just too far to travel (from Boise, Idaho. . . yeah, and let’s leave the toe-tapping jokes alone. . .). . .particularly over the holiday. But! I’ll be thinking about you!

    Best to all!


    P.S. And a special “hey” to Gaby. . .I came across some photos my dad had taken at my elementary school birthday parties. . .there were some amazing ones of you!

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