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-Morton Marcus

August 22nd, 2007

35th Reunion Planned for 11-23-07

This is getting exciting! We had our first in-person meeting of several members of the Woodward Class of 1972 35th Reunion Committee meeting last weekend.

The date of the reunion will be Friday, November 23, 2007. SAVE THE DATE!

Bruce Garrett has set up a website for us at www.woodwardclassof72.com There is now a blog (you’re reading it). Please check back often to stay informed about our plans as they develop.

We need your help with a couple of things. First and foremost, if you have ANY contact information for 1972 classmates, please send it to reunion@woodwardclassof72.com so we can assemble all the contact information. We’ve only found contact information for 58 classmates so far. We need email, phone numbers, and/or mailing addresses for the rest.

Second, while we’ve selected the date, we haven’t yet decided on how to set up the reunion. We need your ideas and suggestions. One suggestion is that we hold a sock-hop at Woodward, maybe book the Nighthawks or what’s left of Grits for old times’ sake. An event on school property probably must be alcohol free, so there’s another suggestion that we have a dinner and a dance at a nice venue like the Rockville Mansion or a hotel. Maybe we want to plan two events, one in the afternoon at a park or Brookside Gardens followed by dinner and/or a dance or party in the evening. Please send your ideas to reunion@woodwardclassof 72.com and we’ll plan the event based on the most popular ideas.

Third, we’d like to put together another reunion book. Please provide a brief (suggested 50 word limit) biography of what you’ve been up to since the last reunion and send it to (you guessed it) reunion@woodwardclassof72.com

Thanks so much. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Your reunion committee,

Tom Barse

Ellen (Ball) Gara

Chris (Davenport) Grewell

Betsy Franklin

Bruce Garrett

JD Leonard

Karen Olson

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