to be

is any
you can
your shape

let the
the planets

to be

-Morton Marcus

September 3rd, 2007

A Couple Photo Albums

I’ve added the photo albums I put up on Classmates.Com to the right sidebar. Just click on a link to see a few images from back in the day. Some of you may remember me as the kid who always had a camera with him. I did some cartooning for the Advocate, and some photography for both the newspaper and the yearbook, and I have tons of stuff from back then that I’ve been busy scanning in with the good film scanner I bought late last year. So there will be more, much more, as time permits. I also hope to do a DVD of photos to give out to those of you who come to the reunion.

If any of you have photos you want to share with the rest of us from back then, or stuff from your life now that you want to share, by all means send it my way, or if it’s somewhere like on Flicker or such, send me a link and I’ll be glad to put it up. Eventually I’d like to have a separate page, just of links to various photo albums that we share with each other.

I have one set I just scanned in of some of the drama club productions that I want to get up here, and some of the sports events. These two albums are mostly just random day-to-day images that I hope will recall the times we spent at Woodward. It’s like looking back in time, seeing some of the stuff I’m turning up in my film archives. The clothes…the hair styles…the cars…

What I’d eventually like to see on the left sidebar, under the poem that graced the yearbook, are links that any of you want to share to your own web pages, personal or professional. Something to show all the different paths we took in life. If you have any such links you want to share with the rest of your classmates, please send them along.

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