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-Morton Marcus

September 23rd, 2007

The Advocate

Our student newspaper was The Advocate, and I was a staff member during our senior year, brought on board as cartoonist (I was a barely passable one back then). But during my Junior year I’d been bitten by the camera bug and about halfway through my senior year I was taking photos not only for The Advocate, but also The Verdict, our yearbook (though I was never officially staff on The Verdict).

I kept many of my Advocate issues stored away all these years, and now the paper is starting to get a tad…delicate. So I’m taking this opportunity to scan in what I have. You’ll notice a new link now on the right sidebar, with our newpaper’s banner. Click on the link and you’ll go to a page I’ve set up, just for links to my Advocate scans. Also some shots I took of the Advocate staff at work (and…play).

At the moment I only have links to one issue up, the issue of May 25, 1972, which was also the last issue the class of 72 had a hand in producing (our staff was comprised of both seniors and juniors). The issue is notable for its tow-page center spread, containing quotes from nearly all the seniors regarding our plans for the future. (As a matter of fact, I Did go into professional photography after graduation…got my police press pass and everything. But it didn’t last long obviously, or I wouldn’t be a software engineer today…)

It’s a real time capsule. Check out not only the stories and photos, but also the ads.

Hopefully I’ll have a few more issues scanned in for our reunion. I want to make a DVD set of this stuff for those of you who come. And…if any of you have photos of the Advocate staff or issues of the newspaper you’re willing to let me scan (because I’m missing a few), let me know.

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